My sisters creepy friend

Last week my sister had a few friends over and so far a good majority of them have had a crush on me and so did this new one that came. Instead of hanging out with my sister she was outside talking with me and my dad but moments before she came it was just me and my dad hanging out and i don’t get much time with him bc i’m either out with friends or hes at work. I realized she had a fondness to me in particular and she’s a good 2 years younger than i am and i’m completely uninterested. But she persisted to talk to me and bat her eyes and ask if she can come to my party for graduation, the party (being mine) is an adults only i don’t want any little kids there. I told her so and no problem but from that day on she somehow got my number, texted me multiple times, keeps making weird faces at me in the hallway, and to top it off today in chemistry she was there for no apparent reason and just sat there and looked at me all hour.


New Call of Duty

So every year infinity ward, treyarch, and sledgehammer games take turns in producing their own call of duty for their designated year and this year is infinity wards turn. Infinity ward has been responsible for my most favorite games which is Modern Warfare and Modern Warfare 2. This year in 2016 they are introducing Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. I cant say im all to excited because i’ve lost alot of respect and love for call of duty titles in recent months but i do still expect great things.

Sweepstakes Giveaway

So during the last few weeks ive been dying to try and get a mustang that i like. I think i just have a problem with fast and powerful yet stylish cars. But last week i found a video on youtube of a muscle car company modding a 2016 mustang with all the works, including a whipple supercharged engine, all new suspension both for the track and street, and gets upwards of 725+ rear wheel HP. This is completely crazy and i know my chances are slim but imagine the power i would hold between my two hands… Id have to take it easy or i would get in some serious trouble


Recently i went over to a buddies house to hang out and watch him try some new remixes to a song. While i was over there he got to telling me about how he has PTSD and anxiety and anyone that doesn’t know me would assume i have high anxiety and i do. So he told me about what he uses to let himself relax and be himself in situations he wouldn’t and he uses xanax. It was prescribed to him by a psychiatrist and he gave me a couple to try and really liked how they made me feel especially in normally uncomfortable situations. So now im considering talking to a doctor and see if xanax would be right for me.

Test Drives

I finally got to drive a mustang with a manual transmission and i can say for a fact its harder than driving a truck thats manual. I popped the clutch and killed the car twice while i was driving but man when you get going those mustangs can really scoot. I couldn’t open it up to see what that 5.0 really has to offer because of the salesman riding with me but i did a little bit. And to be honest i’m sold on the manual transmission. I also got to drive a 2012 mustang with an automatic transmission but it wasnt as fun and didn’t have the right feel i was looking for.

Car hunting

I drove up to a few dealerships with a couple cars in mind but while i drive on the road i’ve always admired this one specific car. A 2016 mustang gt… though it may be out of my reach at such a young age i do still like the newer model GT’s and i saw 4 cars on the billingsly car lot and they wer 09-12 year model GT’s which are still very stunning in my opinion. So i spoke to a salesmen and he said that i could have easily gotten one of those vehicles but those specific ones were on recall therefor i couldn’t drive them. I told him that in the future when i actually do get into buying the car i want it to be specfic to my wants such as black leather interior, has to be a GT, and needs to be a 6 speed manual transmission. and all black hard top. I think i may actually go back here in a few days or maybe even today just to see if i could drive one of the newer model manul transmission models.

Finding a new car

Ive been looking around and gathering as much information as i can about getting a car and finding car loans and going through the bank alot here lately. My parents have been extremely helpful by letting me know how the process will go down step by step and i think in a few months when i save up enough for a down payment and get me a brand new set of wheels. I think this will be a big step in my life and a nice way to build a starting credit score.