My sisters creepy friend

Last week my sister had a few friends over and so far a good majority of them have had a crush on me and so did this new one that came. Instead of hanging out with my sister she was outside talking with me and my dad but moments before she came it was just me and my dad hanging out and i don’t get much time with him bc i’m either out with friends or hes at work. I realized she had a fondness to me in particular and she’s a good 2 years younger than i am and i’m completely uninterested. But she persisted to talk to me and bat her eyes and ask if she can come to my party for graduation, the party (being mine) is an adults only i don’t want any little kids there. I told her so and no problem but from that day on she somehow got my number, texted me multiple times, keeps making weird faces at me in the hallway, and to top it off today in chemistry she was there for no apparent reason and just sat there and looked at me all hour.


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