Car hunting

I drove up to a few dealerships with a couple cars in mind but while i drive on the road i’ve always admired this one specific car. A 2016 mustang gt… though it may be out of my reach at such a young age i do still like the newer model GT’s and i saw 4 cars on the billingsly car lot and they wer 09-12 year model GT’s which are still very stunning in my opinion. So i spoke to a salesmen and he said that i could have easily gotten one of those vehicles but those specific ones were on recall therefor i couldn’t drive them. I told him that in the future when i actually do get into buying the car i want it to be specfic to my wants such as black leather interior, has to be a GT, and needs to be a 6 speed manual transmission. and all black hard top. I think i may actually go back here in a few days or maybe even today just to see if i could drive one of the newer model manul transmission models.


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