Ticket from Sulphur Police

Now first off, previously (1 day before) i had a newer and louder muffler put on my truck.When i was visiting my girlfriend at her house on a Sunday night 2 weeks ago i was just leaving and on my way back home to dickson at around 10:20PM. As i was passing Sooner Foods i looked over and saw a few people standing in the parking lot and i pulled my gearshift up into neutral and revved up the engine and put it back in drive and kept driving. Then i looked to see if i caught anyone’s attention and sure enough i saw a woman dressed in black reach for her walkie on her shoulder and i just knew it was a cop. A few moments later and sure enough theres a vehicle with red and blue flashing lights behind me and she pulls me over and i explained to her what i had done and she takes my insurance and DL and leaves for about 30 mins. Then the sheriff pulls up to “help” and she comes back alone and says shes going to give me a citation for a modded exhaust.


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