Another run in with the Sulphur Police

So a week after i had gotten my ticket i was taking my girlfriend from SOTC to her home school in Sulphur and on the highway there was a blue chrysler that was tailgating me pretty closely and so i break checker to get her off my back and sure enough she backed off alot for a while. When i got into the school parking lot to wait for class to start so my girlfriend could make it to class the same police officer along with a male officer pulled up behind me. They stepped out and asked if i had been doing some “trick driving” and knowing that what i did may have been wrong i think i have good reasoning but i just told the officer that i didnt do anything. The weird thing was that he was accusing me of doing this “trick driving” on 9th street not on highway 77 where i knew what i had done. It just gave me even more deniability. So they asked for my DL and insurance on the vehicle again and the woman that pulled me over asked if i had taken my exhaust off yet and i told her “No, i haven’t and you haven’t said anything about getting them removed” to which she said “Well its a modification on your vehicle” i said “Okay and??” then she kept quiet and i heard on the walkie from the police station telling the officers i had no traffic violations or anything on my record and they handed me my stuff back and left the school yard. Now i may be thinking too much on it but i felt like when it comes to my court date that i would not have a fair trial because i felt like i was being picked on by them. So instead of going to court i went to the county clerk and paid $129 for a modded exhaust ticket. I thought that was a little outrageous i mean the ticket costed more than the new muffler…


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